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Want to feel better about yourself?  Volunteer!

Want to feel better about yourself? Volunteer!

Volunteering is something almost everyone has done in their life, whether it is taking the time from our busy schedule to help out with the school field trip, or spending our weekends with shelter dogs making their lives a little better. Volunteering is great for the organizations we choose to help, but it's also great for you too. Here are 3 fantastic benefits you get from helping out:

It fights depression

A 2003 study looked at volunteers with depression, and found that volunteering helped combat depression in people over 65, even if they only volunteered for a short time, and in those under 65 if they volunteered for a longer period of time. This is probably for a variety of reasons, from making you feel responsible for something and getting you off the couch, to combating boredom.

It makes you feel good

There's science to this one too. When you help others, it makes you feel good. It's empowering to know that by offering a little bit of your time you have made the lives of others so much better.

It actually makes you feel like you have more time
The one drawback to volunteering is it feels like you don't have the time to do it. Between family, friends, relationships and work, there never seems like there's enough time left over to give away also. If you can manage it however, it can make you feel like you have more than you did before you started.

There are a lot of great reasons to volunteer, from giving yourself a sense of purpose to just plain feeling good about yourself. The next time you see a cause that touches your heart, get out there and be part of it. It will be good for them, and good for you too.

Need a Brain Boost?

Need a Brain Boost?

Three places to volunteer your time

Three places to volunteer your time