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Three places to volunteer your time

Three places to volunteer your time

One out of every four people in the United States does volunteer work. Statistics show that these volunteers are actually worth over twenty-four dollars an hour and contribute fifty or more hours per year volunteering. Many more would like to volunteer but don’t know where to spend their time. Here are three things to consider.

Houses of worship:

There is a lot to be done in this area and not every house of worship can afford to pay for the work to be done. People are needed to do gardening, clean the facility and other things that the paid workers don’t have time to do. Some houses of worship also have schools attached and they can use volunteers as well. Help setting up snacks or activities, watching the children on the playground or volunteering to drive for field trips would all be greatly appreciated.

Shelters: These refuges for people often need help. It could be a battered women’s shelter or one set up for the homeless. There are often children involved who could use someone to help them cope with the trauma or just to entertain them. Job counseling, help with food and laundry services could also be offered.

Soup kitchens: The needs in this community are many. Volunteers are needed to prepare food, serve, and clean up.

These are only a few of the many available places for volunteering. Doing volunteer work improves health, increases chances of employment and can make a real difference.

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Want to feel better about yourself?  Volunteer!

Want to feel better about yourself? Volunteer!

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