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The coolest party favors for a wedding

The coolest party favors for a wedding

One of the greatest perks for wedding guests is the unique party favors many brides come up with. From tiny silver bells to bubbles, there are plenty of options available, but here are a few you might not have thought of:



Small succulents in pretty pots, herbs and other plants can make great party favors. One bride gave out tomato plants to her guests and it was a hit. Custom plate cards: Engraved stone or metal plate cards with the guests name and the date of the wedding make delightful party favors. They can be used as decorations or paperweights when the guest gets home.


Mini condiment jars

Jam, jelly and specialized condiments make great party favors. They are also usually easy to find on-line. Have a variety of them so that guests can get the flavors they want.


Bottle stoppers

The wine aficionados at the wedding would appreciate custom bottle stoppers to keep any leftover wine fresh for the next day. There are some very pretty ones available. While Googleis your friend here you may also want to check with a wine specialty store in your area.


Seed hearts

These are available on-line for the eco-friendly wedding planner. The hearts contain seeds that can go straight into the ground or into a pot.


Mini champagne bottles.

These can either have custom labels or they can be from the local market. Ask the store if you can buy in bulk for a better deal. For guests who don’t drink sparkling cider also comes in miniature bottles.

Personalized mints

For this you can use your computer and printer or you can have it custom made. Buy a bulk supply of your favorite mints and put a customized sticker with the date and names on them. You don't have to limit yourself to just standard wedding favors. Bring in your personality or find a way to tie the party favor into your theme, for a gift your guests will remember forever.




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