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Need a Brain Boost?

Need a Brain Boost?

It goes without saying that the brain is the most important organ in your body. While you can get by with donor organs or medical interventions for almost every other part of your body, there's no replacing your brain. Keeping it in good health is common sense, and these 3 superfoods can help.


Everyone is talking about this yellow spice. Over 300 studies have been done on it to discover some of its many benefits, and some of those benefits include those for your brain. Turmeric helps with memory and may help fight depression, but what it is best known for is it's unique ability to help new brain cells grow. This could help fight age related diseases.


While there are a variety of different fruits out there, blueberries are quite possibly the healthiest option out there. This is especially the case for your brain. Blueberries are packed with a special kind of antioxidant called flavanoids. Antioxidants help your brain in a lot of ways, from preventing damage created by oxidative stress, to improving memory and preventing memory loss.

One special thing blueberries do for the brain is to accumulate inside of it, helping to improve communication between cells.


A 2014 meta analysis looked at nuts (as well as berries) and found that people who included them in their diet showed improvement in cognition. The study also noted that eating more nuts may help prevent neurodegenerative diseases

Taking care of your brain is important. That's why including these foods in your diet is a smart move.

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Want to feel better about yourself? Volunteer!