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Reasons You Should Always Be Yourself

Reasons You Should Always Be Yourself

Our society expects certain things from us. Some of those things are good, like making sure we don't steal or hurt each other. Some of those expectations aren't so good. Like walking past Victoria Secret advertising without blinking while complaining loudly about a mother breastfeeding.

Conforming to society is a powerful urge, but it isn't always the best thing for us as individuals. When you stand up for yourself and decide to be okay with who you are as a person, it comes with some unique benefits.

Live within your values

We all have an inner moral code that tells us right from wrong. Your moral code may have a lot in common with other people, but it might be different too. If you feel like it is your moral duty to save the planet from global warming, but work at a company that doesn't even have basic recycling available, that may be at odds with your personal values.

Being true to yourself might mean advoctaing for recycling to be put in—or finding a job that ties into your personal beliefs. Living within your values makes you happier, and maybe even more productive.

You can set boundaries that make you comfortable

People tend to push boundaries. If your lunch gets stolen and you don't say anything, it's as good as giving someone permission to take it in the first place. Taking a passive role in your life can lead to a lot of discomfort that you don't need to go through. If you're not comfortable with how you are being treated, speak up.

This is the case at home as well. Women often end up doing 80-90% of the housework, manage the day to day tasks of other people, and often work on top of that. Setting boundaries at home as well as work can help take a load off your back, and make you a bit more appreciated as well.

Be the same person everywhere

When you're in your comfort zone with your friends, you have no problems discussing the great idea you had for your companies latest project. When the meeting comes around and someone else speaks up first, do you find yourself just agreeing with their less than great idea?

Avoiding conflict is a normal desire, but the desire to avoid conflict can make us silent even when there's no potential fight in the making. If you have a great idea, share it. You may be surprised at how people react to what you have to say.

Today's world can be difficult to navigate, especially if you don't look or act the way society demands. Figuring out who you are and staying true to that is something only you can do. The next time you feel tempted to give into what others want, ask yourself if the demands they are asking are really you.

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