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Fun and Fabulous 5K's

Fun and Fabulous 5K's

You may think running is just—well—running. If you aren't good enough to get a medal, what's the point in competing in a race anyway? 5Ks aren't all just sweat, tears, and burning legs. Many 5ks are for a good cause, and even if they aren't, they're a lot of fun. Here are 5 types of 5ks.

Bubble Runs

Everyone loves bubbles. It's fun to blow bubbles, fun to include them in your bath, and fun to—run through them? Bubble runs allow you to do just that. They have massive amounts of bubbles, including huge piles of foam as well as foam cannons and so much more.

Kids love participating in these fun events, and they're family friendly. Bring everyone for a chance to run through and enjoy an absolutely enormous amount of bubbles.

Inflatable race

Do you watch kids at big events having a marvelous time on giant inflatable toys and wish they didn't bar anyone over 12? Nows your chance to slip down massive slides, charge through obstacle course like barriers, and bounce your way to 5k. These runs are especially fun because you hardly notice the distance as you go from inflatable to inflatable. Before you know it, you're crossing the finish line!

 Underwear run

Feel too hot in your racing tee and shorts? Strip down to your undies and feel free as a bird during this 5k. There are even a few races available where clothing is completely optional, so check the description carefully if you're planning to bring along mom, kids, or coworkers to cheer you on.

If you've always wanted to do a 5k but didn't want to feel all hot and sweaty, this is your best option so you can—well--feel the breeze.

Super hero run

Would you rather dress up than dress down? Super hero races are popping up all over. Dress up and run as your favorite super hero. These races usually have costume contests, are family friendly, and some are even stroller friendly.

Dress up your kids and have a great time walking, running, or strolling through this super fun race.

Color Run

Wear a blank white t-shirt and don't bother doing your makeup. Dash your way to 5k as color throwers toss brightly colored (completely non-toxic) powdered dye at your clothing as you go by. As the race progresses you'll become one of a dazzling array of colorful runners, sparkling and beautiful.

There's a cleaning station at the end of the race, but you'll still be bright and beautiful by the time you finish. Kids are welcome, but pets are not allowed for their safety. (After all, it'd be a bit hard to explain to a dog why they're getting color bombs thrown at them.)

If you're bored of ordinary 5ks, this is your chance to go crazy and have a great time. There are tons of great races out there, and many ones that are unique and local to your area. All you have to do is start looking, and you're sure to find some fabulous 5ks to try your hand at.

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