Start a stress diary

The Stress Diary, as the name implies, is a diary that helps the person who uses it to gain awareness of the thoughts and emotions that live when it is under stress.

Stressed out? Try this

Stress is always around the corner, for those who study, for those who work and for anyone who finds themselves living and enduring the frenetic and chaotic rhythms of today's society.

Easy ways to make fitness fun

Well, if you want to feel better,  physical strength and fitness have a role to play. When you exercise, you will feel pumped with the increased serotonin in your system and also experience more strength, agility and enthusiasm from that 30 minute exercise each day.

Want to feel better about yourself? Volunteer!

There are a lot of great reasons to volunteer, from giving yourself a sense of purpose to just plain feeling good about yourself. The next time you see a cause that touches your heart, get out there and be part of it. It will be good for them, and good for you too.

The coolest party favors for a wedding

One of the greatest perks for wedding guests is the unique party favors many brides come up with. From tiny silver bells to bubbles, there are plenty of options available, but here are a few you might not have thought about.