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Time management tips for vet students

Time management tips for vet students

If there's one thing all college students seem to have in common, it's that they are all short on time. Whether you are short on time because you need to work to help pay for your tuition, you have a large course load, or you have tests coming up, lack of time is very common.

Write down all important dates

When you first hear a new piece of information, such as when your project is due, or when your next big test is, it's easy to think you'll remember it. Unfortunately when you have new dates and times coming at you several times a day, it's easier to forget.

Unfortunately forgetting you have a big test or missing an assignment can destroy your grades. You can avoid this by writing down all important dates, and organizing them on a calendar or in a day planner so you can see what's coming up on any given week.

 List everything you have to do

Leading businesses are able to pull off tight deadlines through listing everything they have to do, and breaking up the larger things into small, manageable pieces. You can take advantage of this strategy by listing everything (yes, everything) you have to do, and checking them off as you complete them.

Breaking up the larger tasks also help because it's less intimidating to tackle “make your bed” versus “Clean and organize apartment.” When you aren't intimidated by how big the task is, it gets easier to get the job done faster.

Beware of time wasting activities

We've probably all jumped on Instagram or Facebook just to check a few things, and then found ourselves hours later still scrolling through our feed. If you notice that you spend a big part of your study time goofing off on games or apps, you may want to find a way to limit your access to these things while studying.

Just as there are apps that can waste your time, there are plenty of apps that can help as well. If you struggle with Candy Crush being too tempting during study hour, you can resolve the issue by using an app that blacklists that game for a certain period of time.

Pay attention to efficiency

Do you always seem to study best when you're at a coffee shop versus at home? Can you remember absolutely everything your professor says during class, but can't seem to remember the page you just read from a text book. If you know how you learn, and what makes you the most efficient, you can save time without sacrificing your grades. If you learn best by listening, try getting books on tape or recording the professor. If you study best away from home, treat those coffee shop trips like an appointment for your grades.

Altogether, these activities can really help you save time and organize your day. You don't have to sacrifice your grades in order to be able to afford to study. With good management skills, you can live a balanced work, social, and study life that will let you do it all.

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