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Best supplements for men's health

Best supplements for men's health

Today's world is full of a never ending selection of supplements. There seems to be a supplement for everything, from stronger muscles to better immune systems. Sorting out the good and the bad can be a struggle. If you're interested in supplements and want some perfect for men's health, here are some good choices just for men.

Vitamin D

As men get older, they tend to experience hair loss, weight gain, and a loss of cognitive function. These problems are all common as we get older, but vitamin D can help reduce the effects of these common symptoms.

Vitamin D helps produce strong healthy hair, helps in weight loss, and can also help ease signs of mental illness. Although we are capable of manufacturing our own vitamin D through sunlight, many of us don't get enough of it due to office jobs or living in cloudy areas.

Vitamin C

Proper blood flow is an important part of an active sex life. You need your blood to flow properly in order to get—and keep—an erection. Many common medications to help with erectile disfunction actually help with blood flow. Viagra works by relaxing the smooth muscles responsible for keeping blood flow out of the penis, thus allowing blood in and an erection to happen.

What does all that have to do with vitamin C? Vitamin C is a critical part of proper blood flow. It can help remove plaque building up on your artery walls, keep the veins flexible, and improve blood velocity. All these things contribute to better flow, and also better erections.

 Vitamin C is important for a lot of other vital functions in your body, and can easily be gotten from fresh food such as citrus, as well as supplements themselves.


Boron isn't as well known as many of the other classic nutrients, but this is one that should definitely be on every man's radar. Boron isn't just important for bone and cognitive health—it's also been found to cut the risk of prostate cancer. Some studies found it cut the risk by as much as 64%, while other studies caution more research needs to be done.

Regardless of how much it cuts the risk, boron is still great for your health, and should definitely be included on your list of supplements.

 Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto has gotten much more attention compared to other supplements because of its well known association with prostate health. Saw palmetto may be used to treat enlarged prostates, and it can also be used for urinary tract health, as well as possibly having anti inflammatory properties.

Saw palmetto is a powerful supplement that can do a lot of good for general men's health. 

As with any changes to your health routine, talk with your doctor before making any changes. While these supplements are generally good for your health, it's possible that a supplement may interact with your medications, or may not be appropriate for your specific needs. Always talk with a doctor before trying anything new with your health.


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