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Secrets to a long lasting relationship

Secrets to a long lasting relationship

Staying married for a lifetime with a single partner is an ideal that many people aspire to. Finding that special someone is a special moment that could take years or even decades to achieve. Once you've finally found that special person and have been living the same routine for a few years—then what? How do you keep from feeling more like room mates than a loving couple?

Having a weekly or even monthly date night is the perfect way to spice things up, and these are our top favorite picks for things you can do to keep the spark alive for decades to come.

Go on a Staycation

Let's face it. Most of us can't afford to run off to the tropics every time we feel the need to get away. Even if the money is in the bank, affording the time or finding someone to watch the kids for a week or more can be too difficult to make it worthwhile.

If you struggle to find the time to get away with your love, make it a little easier by not going anywhere. Book that gorgeous 5 star hotel in the next city over, and tour the city like you've never seen it before.

You may be surprised to discover the hidden secrets of the city you thought you were familiar with, and exploring so close to home will help you bond.

Hike together

Being outside is essential to human health. Just taking a walk outside in the sunshine can boost our mood, cut through depression, boost our immune systems, and leave us feeling happier. A simple walk together can give you all these benefits, plus the time to talk and catch up on the day.

 Hiking adds a little bit more to this, giving you the chance to see nature's raw beauty, exercise, and take advantage of the health benefits of fresh air all at the same time. 

 Reconnect with your wedding crew

You chose your best man and your maid of honor because of how close you felt to them. Reconnecting to the people you chose to be there for you at your ceremony can be a great way to rekindle memories and have a good laugh. Invite everyone together for coffee or a night out, and just enjoy being with these people who are closest to you in life.

Try something new

Part of the reason why you and your partner tend to feel like roommates after awhile is because—well--you are. When you know what to expect from each other, what they like for breakfast, and every little detail about them, it can start to feel like you're in a rut. 

Try something new together, such as indoor rock climbing, a yoga class, or even a mud run. By trying something new, you'll have new memories to discuss together, and will see your spouse in new situations. These can help build on your relationship and make you feel even closer.

Keeping things fresh is all about changing it up, trying things new, and above all spending time with each other. The bonds are there. You just need to keep them strong.


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