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Why it is time for body positivity

Why it is time for body positivity

“Eat a burger.” ”“Are you going to eat all of that?” “Have you lost weight?”

All of these comments are relatively common place. They are spoken by both men and women, meant both inmean spirit and good spirit, but they all have something in common. They are all a form of body shaming.

When someone body shames you, it doesn't have to be a mean spirited comment about how fat you are. It can be directed at people of all shapes and sizes. Body shaming is about drawing attention to someone's body in a negative manner, either by implying that how they were was not fine, such as complimenting someone for lost pounds, or implying a person without curves is somehow no longer female.These behaviors don't just make us feel bad.

They also cause real, damaging effects to others. People who are regularly body shamed are subject to body dysmorphia, eating disorders, and have a greater chance of anxiety and depression.In a recent study, it was found that men and women who self-stigmatized themselves about their own weight, were more likely to develop metabolic disease—a serious condition.Body shaming is a serious problem, so what can you do about it?

Don't shame yourself

You can't escape from yourself. If you body shame yourself, constantly bringing yourself down about how you look, you're creating a chronic stresser torturing you 24/7. If you can't love yourself, at least aim for being body neutral. It's better to celebrate your body for what it can do, rather than be depressed about it for what it isn't.

Pay attention to what others are saying

Some of the ways you end up body shaming others (even accidentally) is very subtle. It's not okay to body shame someone for being thin just because thin is currently considered beautiful. Do you ever find someone gossiping with you about another person's weight? Put in end to it. Does someone use 'fat' or 'ugly' as an insult? Put an end to it.If it looks like someone has dropped a few pounds or gained a few pounds, don't mention it unless they bring it up themselves.

Pay attention to what you are saying

Have you ever loudly announced you 'feel fat today' because you totally ate that whole tub of icecream the night before? That can also be a sort of fatshaming. Fat is not a feeling. People have fat, but they are not fat. Fat shaming has become so common place that even these seemingly harmless phrases can be problematic.Body shaming is everywhere. It's in magazines with hopelessly photoshopped women telling us how we should look. It's in our judging of others, and in turn being judged. Never has fat shaming ever done something to help someone become more healthy. It instead does quite the opposite.There's no reason for it. Our bodies do a wonderful service for us, helping us get around the world and enjoy life. We should make the most of them, and celebrate them for what they can do.

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