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A guide to chakras

A guide to chakras

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years, but for many westerners, it feels fresh and new. Research has only just been started on energy healing to test its validity, with clinical trials being suggested but not begun yet. The good news however, if you want to experiment with energy healing you don't need to wait for research, you can give it a try all on your ownby getting in tune with your chakras.


Chakras are 7 points in the body responsible for different types of energy. These are:

·The Root

·The Sacral

·The Solar Plexus

t·The Heart

·The Throat

·The Third Eye

·The Crown

These start at the base of the spine and gradually move upwards. Each one has a different purpose, for example, the root is your foundation, and is responsible for feelings of security. A blocked root chakra could lead to physical problems, such as lower back pain. Each chakra does a variety of things. The heart is associated with our emotions and could affect your blood pressure.

The third eye is responsible for understanding your purpose in life, and may result in insomnia. Unblocking the chakras involves visualizing them in your head (usually as spots of color) opening them, considering what they represent, letting them flow freely, and then closing them again, all through those visualizations. \

Balancing chakras is still very new to western medicine, but science has found many Eastern medicines to show promise. We know from past experience that previously discounted forms of eastern medicine such as acupuncture and even reiki, have now been proven to work. This could be the next one, as more scientists become interested in studying this unique form of healing.

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