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Check out these mindful daily actions

Check out these mindful daily actions

Do you feel tired, stressed and without a specific goal in life? Sometimes it happens to go through very heavy periods in which the light at the end of the tunnel never seems to appear. These are the moments in which we must learn to love ourselves and dedicate ourselves time.

There are really many activities that can help us feel better. We can choose to put our favorites into practice and those that suit us best. For example, here is the idea of learning to prepare bread at home or to cultivate a vegetable garden. Here are some activities that could make you relax and have fun and then better face life.

Grow vegetables

Cultivating the vegetable garden and caring for the plants is a bit like treating yourself. And then, if we have the possibility of cultivating a vegetable garden, even a small one, let's not pull back. Contact with nature relaxes our mind and helps us feel better when we are stressed.

Cultivating the vegetable garden is so beneficial that horticulture therapy has now also been introduced in some hospitals, all around the world. And if you have the opportunity to grow aromatic plants in the office, you will get benefits in terms of productivity at work and concentration.



Do you know how to knit? If you have not yet learned how to knit and feel stressed, perhaps the time has come to give a chance to knitting, crochet and balls of yarn. Knitting allows you to enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility. This is how a few minutes of work allow you to find a real relaxation. In short, knitting is an effective anti-stress. It is not just an activity for women, in fact in the world more and more men choose it to relax.


Hug a tree

Hugging a tree to regain health and well-being is the advice of silvotherapy. If during a walk in the green we meet a tree that attracts us in a particular way for its beauty or for its grandeur, let's try to embrace it and let ourselves be regenerated by its energy. When we embrace a tree our mind relaxes and our body regains contact with the earth and natural elements


Give a kiss or a hug

Give a kiss or a hug to the people we love. We may not do it often enough and forget that kisses and hugs given and received have beneficial effects both on us and on others. Then it's time to review what are the positive effects of a hug and the benefits of a kiss. Having calm and deep relationships with others can be the best cure.


Smell a flower

If you are tired, stressed and in a bad mood, you can find immediate relief in a very simple way. Smell a flower. It is recommended by aromatherapy and this is confirmed by studies on the psycho-physiological effects of some natural aromas, useful above all in donating a situation of relaxation. Once again, it is contact with nature - which we risk losing while living in the city - that makes us feel better.


Listen to relaxing music

Music has great power over us. Listening to a song can help us relax or recharge. Music really has the ability to make us feel better and music therapy knows it well. The positive sounds and vibrations of music are a real stress reliever. Choose a quiet and relaxing soundtrack, perhaps rich in the sounds of nature, or classical music. In fact it seems that classical music, and in particular classical Indian music, is a real cure for our well-being.


Take hot baths

Water relaxes and facilitates the elimination of waste, puts us in contact with the fluids that we have internally and brings us back to a non-rigid state, very similar to that of internal body systems.

You can use bath salts if you have a bathtub, you can use the shower jet either hot or cold, without changing too quickly and drastically, a bit like a real hydrotherapy session on your own.


Qi gong and mantra

The qi gong is the Chinese energy gymnastics and is very good for the internal energy circulation of the whole body.

These are slow movements but, in addition to working on the joints, the benefit comes to the internal organs and the mind, which remains free, humble, concentrated, while the feet rest on the ground and the head looks lightly for the sky.

The same is also true for the yogic practices that involve the voice (also in the qi gong the sound is used) and that resonate on certain energy centers as in the case of the recitation of mantras or Vedic chants; the well-being of the body is also achieved through sound, as we are vibration.

It is not a question of approaching these disciplines in a totalizing and blind way, but of using the effects gradually, progressively. Consider that the mind-body system is immediately receptive when it comes to sound and movement, but relaxation can take some time if it is not sought for a long time.



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