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Create some mindful healthy habits to rock your day

Create some mindful healthy habits to rock your day

Morning stress and anxiety ruin us all day: let's try to do some small things the night before, in order to promote relaxation, sleep well and, therefore, wake up with the serenity and positivity that allow us to face the day that begins.

Morning stress, 7 things to do before going to sleep

1) Finish your work

Don't let there be any pending tasks that you'll find yourself the next morning, so do the dishes, set up the house, carry on with the deadlines. Similarly, try not to go to bed with the regret of having quarreled with someone without making peace.

2) Close the accounts with the day

So, close with the day, eventually summarize it in a diary and don't make recriminations. In this sense, let us be inspired by a sentence by Roald Dahl: "As the night goes dark, let your worries vanish. Sleep peacefully knowing that you have done all you can do for today. "

3) Think positive

Never get caught up in negative thoughts at the end of the day. On the contrary, try to think positive, even to combine relaxation and wake up without anxiety and stress. Therefore, identify one or more reasons to be grateful (you can also write them). And, as Enid Bagnold says, "before falling asleep every day, say something positive to yourself".

4) Sleeping right

Try to go to bed at an hour that allows you to rest the right. In this way, you can wake up earlier, to enjoy the sunrise, experience the pleasant sensation of having more time, reduce morning anxiety, start the day calmly and without stress.

5) Eliminate bad habits

To cope with morning stress, sleep quality is essential. To favor it, limit some evening habits. What are they? Read here to know them.

6) Think about the next day

Morning stress can also arise when we start thinking about what we have to do and we don't know where to start, or it can come from having to do everything in a hurry. Therefore, plan the day from the night before, organize the times, think about what to cook, prepare the clothes, prepare the bag.

7) Find your own evening routine

Prepare yourself for restful sleep, then build your evening relaxation routine: you can dedicate yourself to beauty care, read a few pages of a book, have a foot massage, reread or repeat phrases and poems dedicated to the night

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