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Six signs your relationship is over

Six signs your relationship is over

6 signs your relationship is over


When we find a new person to spend our days with, we always dream that person will be “the one.” Sometimes, that person is the one for you, but sometimes they're not. Here are six classic signs that your relationship is over, and it's time to start looking once again.

You'd rather spend time away from your other half

It's wonderful and healthy if you and your partner enjoy doing things away from each other, but if that is all you ever want to do—it's probably time to move on. If you don't enjoy doing anything with your partner at all, then there's no point in sticking together when there are so many other people in the world who share at least some of your interests.

You feel trapped

Sure, when you say “I do” your vows are meant to be forever, but that doesn't mean you should feel trapped by them. If you're only staying with a partner because you said you would, or perhaps for the kids, you're not doing anyone any favors.

You constantly fight

Your relationship shouldn't be a war zone. If you can't spend 10 minutes in each others company without an epic fight breaking out, staying together isn't best for either of you.

You can imagine a great life without them

It's natural and normal to privately wonder what life might be like if something happens to the other partner. You might plan how to handle finances, or wonder how you'd manage the kids, but if you can see an amazing life so much better than what you have now, why are you even staying?

You can't respect or trust them

When you think of your partner's good points, what are they? If all you can do is snort and list all the things wrong with them, your relationship probably isn't salvagable. It's the same if you can't trust them. When they're smiling and texting away on their phone, are you privately wondering if it's another girlfriend? Are you sneaking through their stuff to see if they're cheating?

It's not worth the stress of a poor relationship to constantly wonder.

You don't love them anymore

Sometimes the simple truth is a partnership just ends. Sometimes we just don't love them any more, and even if you don't fight and just trundle along the path of life, there's nothing in it for either of you anymore. It takes a mature person to realize this, but ending it may be beneficial so you can open up the path to new opportunities.

Deep down, you probably know when a relationship is at an end. The difficult part is in facing your partner, and having an honest conversation about the fact that it is over. Sometimes we hide from the truth for years before finally realizing it's over, wasting some of the best years of our life. If you know that your relationship is over, remember there are plenty of fish in the sea, and plenty of opportunities to discover someone else.


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