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Six health benefits of hemp

Six health benefits of hemp

Unless you're on the cutting edge of nutrition news, you probably haven't heard of eating hemp seeds for your health. Hemp is one of the oldest domesticated food crops, starting in China several millennia ago, but hasn't been a major part of our diets in recent years. Now Hemp is making a comeback, and offers an incredible number of benefits to those who eat them.


This is one of the key benefits of hemp seeds. They are high in protein with twenty-five percent of its calories being that nutrient. This is higher than either chia seeds or flaxseeds. They also have a high amount of various vitamins and minerals.

Heart disease

This is the leading killer of men and women worldwide. The key here is something called arginine. This constituent turns to nitric oxide in the blood which helps blood vessels dilate and relax. Hemp seeds can also decrease inflammation, a serious problem with cardiovascular disease and it may lower blood pressure.

Skin problems

These seeds are high in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. It is a healthy mix, as -6 alone can be hazardous to heart health. However these acids can help many skin disorders. Eczema, dry skin and itchy skin seem to respond well to a diet that includes hemp seeds.

More protein

Vegetarians and vegans will love this about these seeds. They contain all of the amino acids that create a complete protein. Also, the amount from a serving of these seeds is equal to a serving of beef. They are also easier on the digestive system than many other plant protein sources.

PMS and menopause

Both of these feminine problems can create a lot of emotional issues. They are not related to brain chemical problems; they are caused by an increase of the hormone prolactin. This increase can cause pain, mood swings, agitation, anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that eating foods high in gamma-linoleic acid can counter the prolactin and relieve these symptoms.


We all know we should eat a high fiber diet. What we may not know is what type of fiber and what it actually does. There are two types; soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is sort of like a gel. It has lots of nutrients and good bacteria for the gut. It may also prevent blood sugar spikes. Insoluble fiber is more like a sweeper. It increases stool bulk as well as frequency. Some studies indicate it helps move toxins out of the intestines via the stool. It may also help prevent diabetes. It is important to note that whole hemp seeds are required. Removing the husk is a lot like eating unenhanced white rice. The benefits are mostly gone.

Hemp is amazing for your health, and it takes just a little bit to get these benefits. Some grocery stores are beginning to make these available, but you can more easily find them online at Amazon.

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