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Make your wedding eco-friendly with these tips

Make your wedding eco-friendly with these tips

Climate change is something most of us recognize as a fact. We live in a world that is not especially friendly towards the environment, from the use of plastic and polyester causing pollution in our waterways to the factories polluting our air. If you care about the environment and want to have it all at your wedding, it can be enough to make you cry. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to make your wedding both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Here are just a few.


Local parks, national parks and nature preserves often allow weddings on their grounds. There is usually a fee involved so it helps the park/preserve. Yes, there is the possibility of rain in many parts of the country but even a rainy outdoor wedding is still fun.

Think Local

The closer things are grown the less fuel it takes to get it from farm to table... or bouquet. Sustainable, local flowers are a good choice. Locally produced food can add a fresh touch to the banquet table. Using local people to provide things like the wedding cake and the rehearsal dinner helps the community as well as the environment.

Buy in bulk

For the wine and beer loving friends, a keg or a quality boxed wine will save on bottles and cans. Thesame goes for sodas, water and other nonalcoholic beverages. It’s also a good idea to get bulk, disposable dish and silverware that is either recyclable or compostable. These also help with costs and the inevitable cleanup afterwards.

Think about the exit

It is traditional to throw rice at the couple as they leave the church. Then it became popular to throw bird seed. Neither of these is environmentally friendly. Bird seed often has non-native seeds that can crowd out the native plants. Rose petals are ok, if sustainably grown. It is also possible to get native seeds, though it is wise to ask the venue first. Lastly, take a step back into childhood and have the guests blow bubbles.

By thinking about the environment in small ways, they can add up into big ways. Taking care of your world doesn't have to mean giving it all up, just being smarter about what you choose.

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