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Four Cancer Fighting Foods

Four Cancer Fighting Foods

No one likes the idea of cancer. There are horror stories of the costs, the surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy. What if there was something we could do in our everyday lives to help prevent it? Making some small changes with these four tips would be a small change that could bring big benefits.

Greens: While leafy greens are on this list there are a lot of other green colored vegetables to add to our diets. Broccoli, Brussel sprouts and other members of the cruciferous family have cancer fighting properties. Alliums like garlic and onions can be added to this list though only scallions, chives and green onions are actually green. Asparagus can join the fight as well.

Berries: Blackberries and blueberries lead the pack in this; however raspberries provide a different benefit. They may help block the harmful effects of estrogen, which can lead to breast and other reproductive cancers. Fresh, raw berries are best but if you can’t find them look for unsweetened frozen berries.

Orange: In this the fruit is not necessarily indicated. However there are a lot of orange colored vegetables out there. Carrots stand at the forefront. Pairing it with hummus actually doubles the cancer fighting properties. Sweet potatoes, yams, beets (they can be orange but any beet will do) and butternut squash are also on this list.

Liver: There are people who absolutely love liver and there are those who can’t stand it. Some of this may be because we were forced to eat it when children and it wasn’t properly prepared. However both beef and chicken livers could provide help in fighting cancer. Balancing them with herbs, vegetables and fruits may increase this benefit and perhaps offer a more acceptable flavor. With these small dietary changes whole grains are also suggested. Specific anticancer properties aren’t named but the grains can help increase fiber intake and help remove toxins from the digestive tract.

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