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Why Kids Need Chores

Why Kids Need Chores

When we think of the idilic childhood, we tend to think of long summer days playing outdoors, playing catch with our parents, and Christmas eve in our Pjs. If we think about being forced to take out the trash or trying to wash dishes super fast so we can go play with our friends, it usually comes along with a shudder.

Household chores aren't just a way to make things easier on the parents though. They are a vital way to help children become independent adults. Here are 5 great reasons why you should give your child chores from as early as possible.

It teaches them stuff they need to know as adults

If you've never done the dishes, moving into an apartment of your own can be a big shock. It's already a big enough struggle learning how to handle a job and pay bills, adding on a full set of household chores you never knew existed can be incredibly stressful. By teaching your children (yes, even the boys) how to cook and clean, you are teaching them a life skill they will use forever.

It makes them feel valuable

No one likes to feel like extra baggage, and when children provide nothing to the family, that's how they tend to feel. Even the most loved child can feel unimportant when there is nothing they can do to help out around the house. Chores make children feel needed, and like they are useful members of the family instead of just an ornament.

It gives them a work ethic

When you expect nothing out of a child, that's exactly what you get from them. Nothing. Chores teach children to be responsible, and that they sometimes have to do things that aren't pleasant. Chores make it easier for children to follow directions and not to be afraid of getting dirty. That's something they'll need when they land their first job.

Chores teach time management skills

Remember that memory of hurrying to get your chores done so you could go play? You weren't just rushing to get to play time sooner. You were also learning how to manage your time. If you've ever met a person who is chronically late, that's probably a person who never had chores to get done before the 2PM movie with their friends.

Chores make children appreciate things more

Kids tend to take all the things we do for them for granted. They flip all the lights on in the house, and we follow behind and flip them off. They only learn to appreciate this when they move out and get slapped with their first electric bill. Chores help kids notice things we do for them all the time—like making beds and doing dishes. 

If your kid currently doesn't do chores, it isn't too late to start. Young kids can learn by being given plastic cups to splash around in a tub of bubbles (supervised of course) and older kids can start learning the ropes on bigger chores. If they need a little incentive, change the wifi password daily and don't hand it out till chores are done.

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