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Secrets of Long Term Relationships

Secrets of Long Term Relationships

For most of us, falling in love is easy. We can see ourselves marrying someone, having kids with them, and growing old together. Unfortunately, that's not always the reality. Statistics show that 40% of all marriages will end in divorce, and that doesn't even count all the unmarried people who drift apart or break up.

How do you end up being that lucky couple who is still madly in love 50 years later? Here are 3 tips.

Listen to each other

Most arguments fester due to one or both partners failing to listen. Listening doesn't just help with argueing however, it helps with every corner of your lives. If you listen, you'll know what your partners hopes and dreams are, what they truly like, and who they are.

Value each other

We tend to take our partners for granted, especially if we have been in the relationship a long time. Ask yourself this: If you were in a bad mood and a stranger asked you for help, would you treat them differently than if your partner asked?

We tend to take our feelings out on the people we love the most. If you change anything for a longer relationship, change this.

Forgive each other

No one can spend decades with another person without once making a mistake. Hurting each other is part of relationships. If your partner makes a mistake, forgive them, and expect the same back.

Relationships don't always last, but these tips may help you get there.

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