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Why Learning a Second Language is Fun

Why Learning a Second Language is Fun

Learning a new language seems like the height of knowledge. We always think of how intelligent someone must be if they can switch between two languages swiftly and gracefully. We act as if learning languages is an amazingly difficult process, yet we forget that we have all learned a language before, and started speaking it as babies!

There aren't any great reasons for not learning a new language, but there are several good ones for starting. Here are just a few.

It will keep your brain fresh

If you're struggling to find your car keys in the morning, fear not. Learning a second language can help sharpen your memory skills and help you to learn faster and better. Not only will you remember where you put those keys last night, you might even remember to put them away for next time.

Learning a second language has powerful effects on the brain, and may even help stave off mental decline as you age.

It will make you a more valuable employee

Bi-lingual employees are in high demand. Whether you are an office employee or a simple checker, if you speak a language common in the area, you'll get paid more because you can communicate with more people.

No matter where you work, you can usually expect an increase of 5% to 20% if you're fluent in another language. The amount varies on where you work, and how valuable the language is. Spanish is more valuable in a spanish speaking community, for example, than French.

You'll have more opportunities

You'll be more likely to be sent somewhere exciting for work if you know the language there, and some jobs are unavailable to those who don't have language skills. In particular, many government jobs require you to be bilingual, even if the job isn't directly related to translating.

It makes you a better community member

Learning a new language doesn't just give you more skills. It also introduces you to a different culture, and helps you understand people who are different from you. If you choose to speak a language that other people in the community also know, it can help bring you together, and help smooth over relations.

Our world is rapidly getting smaller. Thanks to the internet and the freedom of movement we have, it is far easier for people of different countries to interact with each other. While in previous generations you might have been able to get away with simply speaking your native language, now the chances are greater than ever that you'll need to communicate with others of a different language.

There are a whole host of amazing reasons to learn a new language, and relatively few reasons to stop yourself. With learning apps such as duolingo and babbel, learning has never been so fun and exciting. Beginning is as simple as finding an app on your phone that will help you get started, and using it in your spare time.

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