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Five Incredible Apps

Five Incredible Apps

Getting in shape has never been more fun when you get in shape with these apps. Vet Candy searched and found the best of the best apps for you to use to bump up your fitness game:

Fitness RPG

Let's face it. Working out isn't always fun. Don't you wish walking 10,000 steps was as easy as playing a game? Well now it can be. Fitness RPG is a fantasy roleplaying game where you fight evil to rescue a princess.

Did I mention the only way to level up your characters and get skill ups is to walk? You get rewarded at milestones from 50-10,000 steps. It's fun checking in to see how you're doing, and you don't have to stay glued to your phone all day to play it either. It's a fun motivator to help you get out there, and get active.

RunKeeper (ios/android)

For serious runners, keeping track of your times is important. You want to know if you're progressing, how far you went on your last run, and other basic information. Runkeeper collects all that information for you, and gives you detailed comparison charts and other great information. The lite version is free and perfect for most uses, there's a $40 subscription fee for the most detailed analysis of your performance.

Endomondo (ios/android)

If you love the idea of runkeeper, but like doing a broader range of sports, endomondo is for you. Endomondo keeps track of your distance, calories burned, and even tells you how many times around the world you've traveled or how many burgers your exercise is worth all together.

Endomondo can do walking, cycling, as well as many other different activities. If you like general activities, this is the one for you. 

Couch25k (ios/android)

Do you dream of running a race, but have never run before? Did you perhaps sign up for a race to motivate yourself to exercise, but than discovered its just 6 weeks away and you're not ready? Couch25k is your personal trainer ready to get you where you need to go. For just $5 you can enjoy the ad free version and support the app, but it's free for everyone. Start out on “Day 1” and follow each weekly plan, and you will be ready for a 5k in just 6 weeks.

Zombies, run! (ios/android)

Need a little encouragement to run? Zombies, run! Is a game you can use to make running or walking more fun. Listen to the mission through headphones while you run or walk. When you hear zombies, run or walk faster!

The game also has features similar to Fitness RPG, where exercise is tied into game play.

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