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Five things to do while you are still young

Five things to do while you are still young

Trying new things is an important part of getting the most out of your life. Our time on this planet is limited. Getting the most out of our lives means having solid life experiences that help us grow as a person. 

 When you're in your 20s and 30s, your life is still growing and developing in unique ways. Here are 5 things you should consider trying while you're still young.

Travel alone

Most of us don't have the opportunity to travel alone until after life events such as college, finding a job, and engaging in other life opportunities have slowed down. Traveling alone is a great way to build independence, experience other countries and places in unique ways, and discover more about yourself.

 While it might seem like you're too busy with life to try it now, it'll be even harder once you've had kids or a spouse that might want to come along.

Visit a different country

Experiencing a different culture, language, and way of life is an unforgettable experience. While traveling alone to a different country may not be the best idea, traveling outside of the world you know really is. You can learn so much more about yourself and your travel partners by going somewhere very new and different.

 Get rid of debt

One of the most beautiful ways you can show self love is to take care of your future self. That might mean investing so you'll have a nest egg for later life goals, or even just setting the coffee pot for the next day.

 One big way you can show your future self a lot of love is to pay off as much debt as you can. Although your 20s tend to come with a lot of student debt if nothing else, paying it off now can benefit the rest of your life in a big way.

Try a new language

Learning a new language makes you a more desirable employee, can give you a salary boost, and makes visiting a country where you can use it that much more enjoyable. There's relatively few reasons not to learn a new language, and so many ways it can benefit you throughout your life. 

Figure out where home is

This is perhaps the most important one you can really benefit from figuring out early in life. Many of us tend to go through life wandering. We move from city to city, sometimes even to different countries. Learning where “home” is will make the rest of your life so much more enjoyable. Whether “home” is a country, a city, or a specific house to you, figuring it out is so very important.

These 5 experiences you can do at any point in your life, but there's something to be said about trying them out while you're still young. If you're trying to figure out what you should be doing in this decade or next, give one of these life experiences a try. You won't regret it.

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