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Five exhilarating life experiences you must try

Five exhilarating life experiences you must try

 It's easy for our normal day to day life to end up in a rut. We go from home to work or school and back again, with very little to change things up. While there's nothing wrong with a steady routine, shaking things up can also be good for your health, and for your mental wellbeing. Here are 5 life experiences that can change who you are as a person, in a fun way.

 Dress up in costume for a midnight premiere

Going to movies is fun, and being the first one to see the first showing of a movie is even more fun. What people often miss out on though, is the glory that is dressing up as a favorite character from the movie. 

 Sure at 30 something you might feel a little silly slipping into a Spiderman outfit for the big show, but letting loose in this way can make for great memories, and yes, it will definitely be fun.

 Rock climbing

Ready to exercise all your major muscle groups, improve grip strength, and sharpen your focus? Rock climbing can do all of these things. Rock climbing effects people in different ways. Some of us will be anxious but immediately settle down and enjoy it. Some will take to it right from the start. Still others will be clinging to an indoor rock wall in full harness, remembering half way up that they signed a death waiver.

Whether it opens up a new passion for you, or helps you rediscover your devotion for solid ground, rock climbing is certainly an unforgettable experience for all. 

Cook for a huge dinner party

Dinner parties are no longer in fashion. It's so much easier to invite your friends to a local restauraunt, or meet for drinks at a fashionable club. Inviting guests over for a dinner party however is its own form of exileration. Trying to get everything ready at the same time, hosting, and watching people eat and enjoy food you made all has its own pleasure.

We all have memories of a thanksgiving feast pulled off by a member of the family, having a similar memory for yourself can be both fun and engaging.

Train for a marathon

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be at peak physical shape? Most of us don't spend enough time at the gym to ever really know, but training for a marathon can be a great way to motivate you. At worst, even if you never see a marathon, the exercise will still benefit your health. At best, you'll have achieved something very few others do.

 Learn a combat skill

There's nothing that builds confidence like knowing you can defend yourself if you need to. Martial arts, fencing, and other combat skills aren't just great for self defense, they can also give you a fun new hobby and better physical health.

These five experiences are all very different from each other, but they have the potential to change your life if you find a passion for these things. Trying something different is essential to shaking up routine, and these 5 ideas are a great way to start.


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