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25 reasons why we admire Dr. Lindy O' Neal

25 reasons why we admire Dr. Lindy O' Neal

Dr. Lindy O’Neal is on a mission to be a role model for the next generation of veterinarians.  An Arkansas native and LSU grad, she spend her first 8 professional years as an Associate Veterinarian before fulfilling her dream of owning her own clinic, the Animal Medical Center.  

Dr. Lindy is not just a practice owner and practicing veterinarian, she is a mother of three, all under five years old, and she serves as a Delegate in the Arkansas Veterinary Medicine Association.

Here are 25 things you need to know about this amazing vet: 

1. “Guilty” pleasures that I don’t feel guilty about.

My guilty pleasures include dark chocolate, frozen custard, new athletic-wear, and getting a massage.

2. How I stay in touch with old friends?

My best friend and I have known each other for thirty years. Although we grew apart geographically, we still talk and facetime on a regular basis.  The only way to stay connected these days is social media and facetime, but it is also nice to visit together, or communicate the old fashioned way, a hand-written note.    

3. What show always brings a smile to my face?

Friends.  Hands down, Friendsis my favorite show of all time.  I could (and do) watch it over and over again. 

4. How I add small moments of purpose to my day?

My children have allowed me to be more effective at finding small moments of purpose.  Experiencing life through the eyes of a child, you can't help but stop and enjoy the 'now'.  I always make time to enjoy life, whether it's turning all the lights off in the house to admire a beautiful early morning sunrise, or counting and catching the fireflies at night. It's a great reminder of just how small you are in a big world, and therefore no problem is too big to tackle. 

5.    Ways I simplified my morning routine

Simplification is a near impossible task when you have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. But, my husband and I work together to make our morning routine run as smooth as possible.  My husband is home most mornings and he is an amazing helper.  We make our kids’ lunches the night before.  

6. How I stay excited about and fulfilled by my job?

I am thankful to have always had excellent co-workers, and they keep it fun each day.  I can be a very serious person, so when you're close enough with people who can tell you "just go eat a brownie, and I'll call you when I'm ready", can help lighten the mood and keep me grounded. 

 7.  My secrets for a stress-free family vacation

I am a planner.  I plan everything in advance, from outfits to meals and activities.  I also understand that I have to stay flexible, that means when a plan is derailed, I try to just laugh about it and find the joy in the 3-ring circus that is my family. 

 8.  How I make decisions when I am stumped?

I am fortunate in the fact that most of the time, I can make a decision quickly. However, once in awhile, I do get stumped and when that happens, I call my mother.  If it is a really heavy decision, we will make a pro/con list.  I also have a group of friends that I consider my mentors and I will also reach out to them for advice.  I gather as much info as possible, and I pray about it.  Sometimes, I find the answer in my quiet time with God. 

9.  Three lessons I learned in my 20’s 

1.   Hold on, it goes fast!  

2.    Don't take life so seriously!  

3.    Laughter really is the best medicine

10.  Books I’ve recently read and loved

I've been reading books about parenting,recently, but I much prefer light reads.  I just finished "Love The One You're With" by Emily Griffin. I also recently enjoyed "This is Day One" by Drew Dudley, and I highly recommend this for anyone in a leadership role.  Next up is "Extreme Ownership- How US Navy Seals Lead and Win" by Jacko Willink and Leif Babin. 

11.   The best work mistake I have ever made

Once upon a time, as a baby veterinarian, I had someone bring a 9 month old “seizuring” kitten.  After I did a full work up, I found the kitten to be perfectly normal.  I asked the pet owner to video the cat’s behavior and after watching the video,I discovered that the cat was not actually seizuring, the cat was jus in heat!  At the time, I was so embarrassed that I missed this.  Of course, I offered a treatment plan of ovariohysterectomy, which fixed that cat right up!  But, from then on, my history taking isn't so cut and dry.  I have learned to look at all angles. 

12.  My ten second stress relievers

We all get stressed, but it is very important to know how to deal with it. When I get stressed, I do breathing exercises.  I will breathe deep for 10 seconds and then I will take a walk outside and enjoy the scenery.  

13.   What never fails to spark my creativity

A new project always gets my creativity going.  One of my side projects is running a cookie business called Carrie Sue Cookies– you should see how I get artsy with my cookies!  

14.  The song that most inspires me

Music can take me to another place, and I can be inspired by so many songs and melodies.  Dixie Chicks "Wide Open Spaces" inspires me to take the risk.  Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" reminds me that I can do so much more.

15. What is my best parenting advice

Don't look at your kids' bad behavior as being a naughty kid.  Look at them at having a hard time coping with something.  This makes all the difference in the world on how you perceive their struggle. 

16. Best lessons I  have learned from work rivals

Less is more. 

 17.  My advice to this year’s graduating class

Be ready to work very hard.  Be willing to put in the hours. Also, know that you don’t know it all, and that no one does, so when in doubt, look in a book, check out VIN.com or ask your mentor.  

18.  How do I turn bad days around?

I identify the emotion that I am feeling (frustrated, mad, sad, overwhelmed, lonely etc.) and then I find ways to gain control of that emotion. I cannot change the way others are acting, but I can certainly change the way I react.

19.  How I protect my mental health

I have come to realize, that all things will get better.  In time, everything does, in fact, have a way of working out. If you just sit back and watch God's creativity in your life, you can't help but have mental clarity. 

20.  My tips for dealing with difficult people

Firs, listen to them and then listen more.  Most of the time people who are being difficult just want to be heard and validated.  Once they feel heard, I have an open door to smooth things over. 

21.  How I motive myself to work out consistently

Thankfully, I have found an amazing personal trainer who tolerates my crazy schedule.  We have a standing appointment every day at 12:45pm, but he is completely understanding if I have to bail because of an emergency.  I have been with this trainer on and off for a number of years now and consider him a close friend. I can't think of any better motivator than a friend. 

22.  How I stay positive

I try to start the day by journaling about the good things I would like to see happen in the day. Then I try to end the day but journaling the good things that I have experienced in the day. If you begin to look for positive things, you will start to see it everywhere!  Much better than focusing on negative things. Ain't nobody got time for that!

23.  How I boost happiness at work.  

I'm a gift giver.  I make a big deal out of tech week, but I also like to bring treats in every now and then.  We all laugh and joke around.  We try to not take life too seriously.  I also promote health and wellbeing at work, I think that is very important.

24.  What advice I would give my younger self

Quit eating sugar.  Every bit of it.  Look at it the same way you look at a dirty street drug, because it's just as bad. 

25.  Best advice ever given

Never Give Up.  My Dad always had a phrase "Medlock's (my maiden name) Never Give Up", and I have really taken that motto and run with it.  I don't often find myself giving up on anything.  If I set my sight on running a half-marathon, I do it.  If I decide to birth my children without analgesics, I do it. If I decide that I'm with a client until we reach a diagnosis, I mean it.  I am dedicated to a fault, but I love it. 


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