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Dr. Georgina Phillips is doing more than you could possibly imagine

Dr. Georgina Phillips is doing more than you could possibly imagine

 Dr. Georgina Ushi Phillips literally has it all.  This University of Florida alumnae has an impressive background, including working both in emergency medicine and shelter medicine. She is a also mom of two who understands how important it is to enjoy your life to the fullest.  We caught up with Dr. Georgina to learn more about how she is leading the charge.

If I wasn’t a veterinarian, what would I be?

I would be an Event Planner. I really love to plan to parties! It’s so much fun for me to pick out themes, food, decorations and activities. It all started when I planned my wedding nine years ago - I enjoyed coordinating such a special day. Having two children just added to this hobby - baby showers, birthday parties, I love planning it all!

Best career advice I’ve received

“Be a lifelong learner.” My field is constantly changing so I am always reading and learning about new medications, therapies in veterinary medicine. I’m also just generally curious about everything and particularly like studying historical time periods, religion, politics and wars. Documentaries on The History Channel are my favorite.

Books that left a lasting impression on me

Four or five years ago I read Frederick Douglass’s autobiography. It was a quick read - I believe I finished it in two days. It gave me a deeper understanding of this time period and what my ancestors endured for 400 years.

The beauty essential I must have

Nivea Facial Cleansing Wipes - Bedtime at my house is hectic with two kids so I don’t always have time to do a whole 5 step regime at night. I typically grab two wipes to clean my face and keep it moving.

Superpower I’d want to have

If I could read an animal’s thoughts, I would be a millionaire! The hardest part of my job is trying to figure out why a pet is sick and how are they feeling. What I usually get is just observations from the owners, which is usually subjective. It would make things a whole lot easier for me and I can develop a treatment plan to get them feeling better.

Last thing I binged watched

Besides Game of Thrones (of course!) – I’ve been watching a lot of French and Spanish thrillers on Netflix. Elite, The Break and Mar de Plastico are the most recent ones I’ve seen.

On the top of my bucket list

I would really love to travel to Indonesia. I’ve never been to that part of the world. A trip to Bali with some good friends may be in the works for 2021!

If I could live in a foreign country where would it be?

Florence, Italy or Madrid would be my top picks.  I’ve been to both places and could see myself ultimately retiring there.

Something nice I did for myself recently
I had a mini spa day a few weeks ago. It’s always nice to slow down,  relax and be pampered once in a while, especially when I am constantly on the go as a working mom. I want to get a facial next - maybe it will help with the dark circles under my eyes from sleep deprivation.

Three qualities that got me where I am today Determination, dedication and discipline.

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