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Why We are in Awe of Dr. Jenifer Chatfield

Dr Jenifer Chatfield is the most interesting veterinarian we have ever met and that’s the reason she’s one of the most popular speakers at veterinary conferences. She has worked as a zoo veterinarian and as an emergency clinician, owned two practices, worked in research and completed fieldwork in Madagascar and South America. Plus, she’s an instructor for FEMA agroterrorism courses an a staff veterinarian for a conservation center.  Did I mention she was boarded as a zoo vet and some of her research was on gorillas and that she worked on Capital Hill?  See what we mean?  She is the coolest and we are so proud she’s part of the Vet Candy Team!

Vet Candy gets to know the ever fascinating Dr Jen with the questions below:

I have an intense fear of evil spirits!  I watched the movie Exorcist when I was young and have never been the same since!

My biggest pet peeve is tardiness and being untruthful.  If you are late to one of my lectures, please don’t say you got lost because I can see your Apple watch on your wrist! 😊

To get out of a bad mood I take action.  Whether that means going for a hike, doing chores on my farm, or just sitting down to make a plan, I am a woman of action!

What makes me happiest is making a difference.  Either in a friend’s life, in my life, in an animal’s life, that makes me very happy. 

I can’t stop talking about infectious disease, politics, conservation of endangered species. If you have attended one of my lectures, you can see how passionate I am about those subjects. As veterinarians we have the ability to make changes for the better.  We just need to work together to achieve our goals.



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