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What you need to know about your millennial veterinary team

What you need to know about your millennial veterinary team

According to Pew Research, more than one in three workers (35%) are Millennials, making them the largest generation represented in the US labor force.    Research also shows that more than 56 million Millennials (those ages 21 to 36) were working or looking for work in 2017. As a veterinary employer, it is very important to understand more about how this generation feels about their career choices.    Four millennial veterinary team members from the Essentials PetCare walk-in veterinary clinic in Port Richey, Florida, share their thoughts on their veterinary career:

Most important reason to choose a job

“I am passionate about working for a company with a strong purpose. It is important for me to work for a company that wants to do something good for the community.”  Sommer Pollard, Veterinary Technician

Most important part of a job:

“For me, the most important features of a job include having a cohesive and hard-working team, the possibility for career growth, and having strong leadership.” Tiara Peck, Veterinary Technician. 

Best part of working in the veterinary field                                                                                                    “The best parts about working in the veterinary field is being able to help animals in need and having the opportunity to educate pet owners about responsible pet care.”  Rachel Karl, Veterinary Technician.

Manager expectations:

 “The one quality that managers should have when dealing with millennials is having patience. I also think it is extremely important for managers to set clear expectations for job functions, performance evaluation, and deadlines.”  Marie Umholtz, Marketing & Communications Specialist:

Non- tradional careers  for veterinary professionals

Non- tradional careers for veterinary professionals

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